Next generation application delivery and operations.

GitOps is a natural extension of the Infrastructure-as-Code and Continuous Delivery principles with a focus on using Git as the single source of truth for your system. Changes to infrastructure and applications are made declaratively via a Git repository, with an automated process ensuring that the current state of your system reflects the state of the repository.

This one-day training in German or English offers a practical and clearly understandable introduction to GitOps using Argo CD on Kubernetes.

¬ Get to know Argo CD
¬ Deploy complex applications using Argo CD
¬ Know and be able to apply GitOps principles
  • Participants will need a laptop with direct access to the Internet
  • Additionally, local admin rights or access to a terminal (in the browser) are required
  • Our training is aimed at people who already have prior knowledge of container technologies, Git and Kubernetes
  • A prior attendance of the Container & Kubernetes Basics or the Container & OpenShift Basics training is recommended
  • CHF 1100 / participant for one day
  • Group sessions consisting of 8 to 24 participants
  • Includes catering, documentation and a cluster in the cloud
  • Discounts available for groups of 12 participants or more


Our trainings consist of varied presentations and hands-on labs in order to teach content in an appealing fashion. We are happy to discuss the possibility of tailoring the content to your infrastructure. Should you require additional contents, we can adapt the program to your needs.

Argo CD

  • Basic concepts
  • Architecture
  • Managing Argo CD applications in Git
  • Sync policies
  • Comparing application state (Git vs. Kubernetes Cluster)
  • Self-healing
  • Pruning of resources
  • Resource hooks
  • Sync phases and waves
  • Backup and restore
  • Various manifest formats
  • Permission structures

Individual company trainings are possible. Contact us for costs and dates.

Meet two of your trainers

Christian Schlatter

Trainer, Puzzle ITC

Not only does he enjoy traveling through the real world, but he also discovers new places in the Cloud Native Landscape

Raffael Hertle


Likes to dress up for carnival, but likes to look behind the masks when it comes to cloud native technologies

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