About us

It is our shared ambition to revolutionize the world of IT training.

What has happened so far: the idea of acend was initially formulated at a Sammy Deluxe concert in 2019. This was the moment when some of the founders agreed to pursue their vision of revolutionizing IT training. The rest is history. Today, we provide educational, entertaining and rewarding training experiences you won’t forget!

Our Mission

As a knowledge platform, acend accompanies engineers and their businesses across new technological frontiers. We offer extraordinary, inspiring and practice-oriented teaching and learning experiences. Together with high-powered partners like Puzzle ITC, we draw on our expertise in the development, support and teaching of Cloud Native and Open Source technologies. Our trainings focus on the exchange of knowledge and shared learning – practice-oriented, uncomplicated and direct.

Blazing New Trails

We present knowledge in a surprising and interactive fashion. Our trainings consist of varied approaches to theory and practice-based labs.

Taught by Pioneers

Our trainers are experts in their field, continue to develop their skills with an ardent thirst for knowledge and put their heart and soul into their trainings.

Become Part of the Community

We see ourselves as part of the growing Swiss Cloud Native community and invite you to join in. For this reason, we emphasize knowledge exchange during and after our trainings.

«It’s people and their competences that contribute to the success of a business. We teach new knowledge and support our participants in the endeavor to develop with the help of new approaches.»

Thomas, Co-Founder acend

The People Behind acend

Benjamin Affolter


He only ever freezes when the temperature drops below 30 Celsius, but certainly not in the face of new technologies or the demands of the participants in his trainings.

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Christoph Aymon


When he’s not concentrated on a computer screen, you’re most likely to find him in a fast car – he only does extra laps on the Nürburgring.

Daniel Strohecker


He’s been picking up speed on his bike as of late. He can slow down, though, and make sure our clients proceed through our trainings on sure feet.

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David Kilchenmann


He is the dream of all mothers-in-law and also us and especially our customers he always brings a smile to the face.

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Johann Gyger


Still waters run deep, and he’s one to deep dive into Cloud Native technologies. As a supporter of sustainability and a climate-friendly world, he prefers Lake Thun to the ocean.

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Marcel Groner

Finance & Experience

Our number’s whizz counts altitudinal differences in his free time – and has climbed many mountain tops in the process.

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Philipp Grossenbacher


He’s responsible for our special effects. Some say it was the championship run of his favorite football club that made him fall in love with pursuing the unexpected.

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Sebastian Plattner


He always has his fingers on the pulse of technological developments and stays one step ahead – the more complex the problem, the bigger his motivation. And because nothing explains itself, he’ll also take care of that.

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Thomas Philipona


He’s been in the IT world for years – and he discovers everything else on his bicycle.

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Tobias Tröhler

Sales & Experience

Colorful socks and wild ideas: he’s just the man to design our visual presence whenever he’s not riding a wave.

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Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Digital Impact Network
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