Container and OpenShift – from theory to practice in no time.

The importance of container technologies has significantly increased in recent years. Based on such technologies – Kubernetes among others – OpenShift offers a comprehensive and comfortable container platform solution.

This two-day training in German or English provides a practical and easy-to-understand introduction to these open source technologies. Our teachers draw on considerable practical experience and are experienced OpenShift administrators.

  • Become acquainted with a modern technology
  • Understand the concepts of containers and OpenShift
  • Deploy applications on OpenShift
  • Participants will need a laptop with direct access to the Internet
  • Additionally, local admin rights or access to a terminal (in the browser) are required
  • Our training is designed for software and system engineers
  • No prior knowledge of container technologies or OpenShift is required
  • CHF 1900 / participant for two days
  • Group classes consisting of 8 to 24 participants
  • Includes catering, documentation and an OpenShift cluster in the cloud
  • Discounts available for groups of 12 participants or more


Our trainings consist of varied presentations and hands-on labs in order to teach content in an appealing fashion. We are happy to discuss the possibility of tailoring the content to your infrastructure. Should you require additional contents, we can adapt the program to your needs.

Container Basics

  • Basic concepts
  • Installation of Docker
  • Images and the construction of images
  • Image registries
  • Configuration of Containers
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best Practices

OpenShift Basics

  • Basic concepts
  • OpenShift architecture and components
  • Applications deployment
  • Access opportunities
  • Pod scaling
  • Service layer and discovery
  • Deployment strategies
  • Persistent storage
  • StatefulSet, DaemonSet, Job, ConfigMap
  • Init and Sidecar Container
  • Quotas and limits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cloud PaaS overview

More about OpenShift and Benj via video


Individual company trainings are possible. Contact us for costs and dates.

Meet two of Your Trainers

Benjamin Affolter

Co-Founder & Trainer

He only ever freezes when the temperature drops below 30 Celsius, but certainly not in the face of new technologies or the demands of the participants in his trainings.

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Christian Haller

Trainer, Puzzle ITC

To balance out his hectic day-to-day container life, he makes his sourdough pizza by hand. And then eats it himself right away.

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