OpenShift - Operations Mastery for System Engineers.

With OpenShift, Red Hat promises a Kubernetes solution that boasts «automated operations» and other benefits for operations and development.

This two-day training in German or English provides a practical and clearly understandable overview of the challenges in Day 2 operations. Our trainers come from the field and are experienced OpenShift Engineers. Delivery takes place online or on-site.

  • Get to know OpenShift architecture and components
  • Install your own OpenShift cluster
  • Mastering day 2-operations tasks without interruption
  • Deepen monitoring and troubleshooting know-how
  • Participants will need a laptop with direct access to the Internet
  • Additionally, local admin rights or a terminal with the possibility of outgoing SSH connections are required
  • Participants should have basic Linux and Kubernetes knowledge
  • Our training is aimed at system engineers, OpenShift engineers and everyhone who wants to learn about the operational aspects of OpenShift
  • Basic knowledge of container technologies as well as OpenShift or Kubernetes is a prerequisite
  • CHF 2200 / participant for two days
  • Group classes consisting of 8 to 24 participants
  • Includes catering, documentation and an OpenShift cluster in the cloud for each participant
  • Discounts available for groups of 12 participants or more


Our trainings consist of varied presentations and hands-on labs to convey their content in an exciting way. We are also happy to make reference to your infrastructure in consultation with you. If there is a need for additional content, we can make adjustments at your request.

OpenShift Overview

  • Architecture
  • Cluster components and roles
    • Network and Zoning
    • Storage
  • Installation and Configuration
    • Installation options
    • Infrastructure Provider
    • Basic configuration
    • Automation

Day 2-Operations

  • Infra Nodes
  • Exchange of Masters as well as etcd
  • Exchange and addition of worker nodes
  • Backup & Restore
  • OpenShift 4 updates and options
  • Monitoring / Logging
  • Troubleshooting
  • Experience real life scenarios hands-on
    • Full disk
    • Pod is OOM Killed
    • Network problems
    • Surprise...

Our training for the challenges of Day-2-operations


Individual company trainings are possible. Contact us for costs and dates.

Meet Your Trainers

Benjamin Affolter


He only ever freezes when the temperature drops below 30 Celsius, but certainly not in the face of new technologies or the demands of the participants in his trainings.

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Christian Haller

Trainer, Puzzle ITC

To balance out his hectic day-to-day container life, he makes his sourdough pizza by hand. And then eats it himself right away.

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