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Prometheus – Introduction to the modern monitoring platform.

Prometheus is a modern and widely used metrics-based monitoring system. Prometheus is often used in the context of dynamic platforms in the container environment, such as Kubernetes and OpenShift, but is also suitable for monitoring classic environments.

This two-day training in German or English offers a practical and clearly understandable introduction to Prometheus technology. The training is offered by acend in cooperation with Puzzle ITC. It can be conducted online or on-site.

  • Get started with the modern monitoring platform Prometheus
  • Understand Prometheus concepts
  • Learn more about PromQL and its application scope
  • Participants will need a laptop with direct access to the Internet
  • Participants should have basic Linux and Kubernetes knowledge
  • Our training is aimed at software developers, system engineers, architects and anyone who wants to understand and use Prometheus for monitoring
  • CHF 2200 / participant for 2 days
  • Group classes consisting of 8 to 24 participants
  • Includes catering, documentation and a cloud-based lab environment
  • Discounts available for groups of 12 participants or more


Our trainings consist of varied presentations and hands-on labs in order to teach content in an appealing fashion. We are happy to discuss the possibility of tailoring the content to your infrastructure. Should you require additional contents, we can adapt the program to your needs.

Prometheus Basics

  • Introduction to Prometheus
  • Installation and Setup
  • Introduction to Prometheus metrics
  • Alerting with Alertmanager
  • Prometheus Exporters
  • Instrumentation using Client Libraries
  • Visualization of metrics
  • Prometheus on Kubernetes
  • Deep Dive PromQL with Prometheus Co-Founder Julius Volz
  • Hands-on labs with lots of real-world examples

Individual company trainings are possible. Contact us for costs and dates.

Developed together with Puzzle

As an innovative IT service provider, Puzzle ITC covers the entire cycle of business-relevant applications and infrastructures, exclusively focusing on open source technologies as well as the most modern methods. Different interdisciplinary teams work on projects regarding consulting, applications, delivery, infrastructure and open source solutions.

Meet Your Trainers

Christoph Aymon


When he’s not concentrated on a computer screen, you’re most likely to find him in a fast car – he only does extra laps on the Nürburgring.

Julius Volz

Trainer, PromLabs

In the Prometheus universe, he's sort of Zeus, and in ours, he does some of the training as a special guest.

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Martin Abegglen

Trainer, Puzzle ITC

When he's not busy drinking tea and gazing at the sky, he loves watching the clouds with cloud native technologies and providing observability.

Reto Kupferschmid

Trainer, Puzzle ITC

True to the motto, what doesn't fit is made to fit, as an engineer he solves all challenges in no time at all.

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